The usual touristic information about Rome can be always found in Google. Here are some tips from real travelers like us.


  • For short stays it’s a good deal to buy a Roma Pass (36 EUR)* which includes free transportation across the city, 2 free museums or archaeological places to visit and many other discounts. It’s valid 3 days.

    * NOTE: Entry for the Vatican Museum is NOT included in the Roma Pass.

  • In case you plan to visit the Vatican Museum it’s highly recommend to purchase your pass online upfront and just validate it on the entrance. Otherwise you risk the spend half of your day on a queue.
  • The ticket for Colosseum and Forum Roma (Palatine Hill) is one and usually there is a long queue in front of the Colosseum and almost nobody waiting in front of the Forum, so you can be the smart one and buy your ticket from there. You can use your Roma Pass here.

    Forum Roma

    Forum Roma

  • St Peter’s Basilica
    For me, this is the most impressive place in Rome. You can climb to the top, but have in mind that the stairs are very steep and at some point you cannot go upright. No matter if go to the top or not, it’s absolutely required to visit the square. Especially during the night. It’s amazing!

    St Peter's Basilica - view from top

    St Peter’s Basilica – view from top

  • Spanish Steps
    A very common place to visit with lots of people*.

    * NOTE: It’s typical for some strangers to offer you flowers “for free”. Once you take the flower they start chasing you to give them 3 EUR at least. So be careful.

    Spanish Steps

    Spanish Steps

  • Villa Borguese
    A very nice park for a long walk. Don’t miss it if you like parks.
  • The Pantheon
    Impressive building! Visiting the Pantheon is free of charge.
  • Fontan di Trevi
    A must-see in Rome. There are always a lot of people so if you go early in the morning or late in the evening there is a chance to take a nice photo without any strangers on it.

As I mentioned above, if you get a Roma Pass, you have 3 days of free transportation. Tickets to/from the airports are NOT included.
Otherwise, 1-day ticket costs 4 EUR. Read more about the transportation in Rome.

Food & Drinks

  • Every small italian restaurant is worth it, the home made wine is always nice, the pizza and pasta is always tasty. One place we can recommend is Navona Notte. It’s not pricey and the food is very delicious. At the time we visited the restaurant, one of the waiters was serving and singing with a big smile on his face;)
  • And of course, for coffee lovers, drinking a coffee in Rome is something that cannot be missed. Here is a list of the oldest coffees in the city. We have tried the number 7 – Sant’Eustachio Il Caffè and it was good. The tradition for coffee drinking in Italy is usually to order your shot of coffee, drink it quickly while on your feet and go to do your job around the city.
  • For some wine tasting you can visit Enoteca Ferrera. It´s very cozy place with some kind of tapas in addition to the wine. The place to be for wine lovers. It´s situated in a neighborhood full of bars so you can start with this place and continue your bar crawling all night.

Enjoy your stay in Rome!

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