New York

The first time we visited New York was a year ago at the end of 2012. We were excited since Val was IN for the ING New York City Marathon. But let me start from the beginning…

Our regular flight got cancelled due to the storm Sandy which was a bit disappointing. After a long discussion with Lufthansa we got a flight for the next day which was not guaranteed to happen, but at least it was something. After all, we managed to reach New York 2 days after the storm. The transportation in the city was blocked, lower Manhattan was dark, without electricity from several days. (TIP) What saved us in terms of transportation was the SuperShuttle - a transportation service from the airport to any place in Manhattan. It’s like a shared taxi, comfortable enough and costs about $18 per person. We highly recommend it. If you intend to use the metro and you arrived at the JFK, you need $5 + $1 for the Air train in order to reach some metro station. A 7-day MetroCard is a good offer for $30 and includes unlimited use of metro and bus for 7 days. Single ride costs $2.5.

We spent the next day in the neighborhood, walking around, trying to get some coffee from Starbucks where all the people were trying to charge all their devices or do some work. A  day later the marathon expo was opened and we were eager to go and get the marathon number. A walk along Hudson showed how terrible Sandy was, flooding the installations along the river. During our walk we saw the Intrepid museum:

Intrepid - sea, air & space museum complex

Intrepid Museum

So we visited the expo, it was huge, with a lot of running equipment to buy and try. The mission was completed. The marathon number was taken and the news were still claiming that the marathon will happen and the organizers and volunteers were making sure the marathon route is accessible:

A happy marathoner

A happy marathoner

During our walk, near the Intrepid museum, we noticed (TIP) a flooded booth which used to sell touristic city passes. We knew from experience that the city pass is a good deal so we decided to buy two of them. Read more about New York City Pass.

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