Coffee Sofia

Sofia is where we live for the last 15+ years so it’s time to share with you the best places where you can grab a shot of espresso.

  • Chucky’s coffee house = Map = – small and cozy place where you can enjoy different blends of espresso, a silky smooth hot chocolate, cappuccino, and more. The owners of the place select personally the coffee to be roasted and sold. You can also buy a package of recently roasted coffee and prepare your own espresso at home. Chucky's coffee and culture
  • Fabrika Daga (it means Factory Rainbow:) ) = Map = – similar to Chucky’s you can enjoy different blends here.In addition you can spoil your stomach with traditional breakfast or a nice sandwich for lunch. And don’t miss the dessert! It’s worth it, especially with a shot of espresso:).
  • Memento Vitosha / Memento NDK = Map = – a nice street coffee place where you can get an espresso or enjoy a cocktail during the hot summer evenings.
  • Ma Baker = Map = – in it’s essence it’s a bakery where you can buy bread and cakes, but the cappuccino goes perfect with a traditional “kifla”.
  • Vila Rosiche = Map = – here is where I love the Americano they make along with any kind of the delicious home-made desserts.

If you’re the kind of person who actually doesn’t care much about the coffee but just needs a big cup of it in the morning, there is Dunkin’ Donuts, Starbucks, Costa coffee and other coffee houses on every corner and in the shopping malls.

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