Amsterdam Coffee

Amsterdam is famous with coffee shops, but the hidden gems are the real coffees. As a coffee addict I would say, this is the place to be! Check out our short list:

Screaming Beans
Probably the best coffee in Amsterdam! Great people with a passion for coffee! That explains everything! Just grab an espresso and enjoy every sip and after that do it again:). The place is located in the Jordaan area.

Espresso @ Screaming Beans

Espresso @ Screaming Beans

Koko Coffee & Design
In the Red Light District, small charming coffee and fashion shop. The best way to enjoy the espresso is to sit down in front of the shop and to watch the people passing by.

Espresso @ Koko Coffee & Design

Espresso @ Koko Coffee & Design

Coffee Company
When I saw it for the first time, my reaction was “In Amsterdam, should I try espresso in a coffee chain!?!?” but after that everything changed☺ They offer really nice espresso. This particular place is located in South Amsterdam, next to the Amstel River. The coffee offers great open place with a nice atmosphere. Plus there is a pretty cool design store right next to it. Note: to pay for the coffee you must bring your card (debit or credit) – they don’t take cash.

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