Yes, you’ll see many colors in Barcelona. Fire dancers and late night violinists will surprise you at the corners of Barrio Gothico during the late hours of the evening. Your heart will stay forever in the Park Güell and your mind will be blown away by Gaudí’s masterpiece – Sagrada Familia.


If this is the first time you visit Barcelona you might go for a Barcelona card (~30-60 EUR) which includes discounts for different attractions and is a metro card at the same time. Here with a discount.

In case you’ve already visited the main attractions and just want to spend a great time in the city, you can choose between the different tickets available for public transportation – Barcelona travel card for 2,3,4 or 5 days (~14-30 EUR), multi-person T-10 card for 10 journeys (~10 EUR) or a single ticket (2.15 EUR). More options and information is available on the Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona web page.

(TIP) Touristic hop on-hop off bus is also available in Barcelona for one or two days (~30 EUR) so you can use its services and combine it with metro tickets for the rest of your stay.

In all cases take care of your personal belongings because pickpocketing is not uncommon.


  • One of our favorite places to visit (and we do it every time we stay in the city) is the Museum of chocolate. Once you check the chocolate figures don’t forget to take a rest with a cup of thick hot chocolate and some biscotti. Also you will be surprised by the ticket which is a small chocolate bar itself.
  • Of course, being in Barcelona, there’s no way to miss Gaudí‘s architecture. La Pedrera and Casa Batlló are on a walking distance from each other so (TIP) it’s convenient to visit them on the same day. If you get the chance to go to La Pedrera around sunset, there is a stunning view of the city from its rooftop.
  • The Park Güell is pretty crowded during the day and the evening, so you can enjoy it several times – once early in the morning and once again during the day. You can rest with a glass of sangria in hand, buy a colorful bracelet from the arena in the park and watch and listen to a variety of musicians and performers.
  • Visiting Sagrada Familia – the masterpience of Gaudí, is a must. Don’t forget the audio guide, it’s worth it to understand the symbolics of each column or window. In addition to entry, you can buy and additional ticket for the elevator of one of the towers and go on top – don’t hesitate to do it, the view is amazing. Also when you’re going downstairs, you can have a closer look at the other towers’ roofs which is quite interesting to see.The entrance fee for La Perdrera, Casa Batlló and Sagrada Familia is around 20 EUR each.

    Sagrada Familia - Park Güell - Casa Batlló

    Sagrada Familia – Park Güell – Casa Batlló

  • The museum of Pablo Picasso – it’s a not very big, but obligatory for the lovers of Modern art.
  • Montjuïc and Telefèric de Montjuïc – it’s a cable car that can bring you from the beach, above the Marina to Park Montjuïc. It’s an amazing journey! (TIP) Usually there is a queue of people and only two cable cars so make sure to go there early in the morning in order not to spend time in the queue. There is another cable car that you can catch from the park to the Castle of Montjuïc.
  • Marina Port Vell – beautiful place from architectural point of view and for a walk, shopping or food. The Monument of Christopher Columbus is nearby so you can climb to the top for a great view to the Marina. The aquarium is also in that area so you can check out the sharks :)

    Marina Port Vell

    Marina Port Vell

  • Pueblo Español – it’s a closed area where houses from different regions of Spain are built. There are lots of crafts shops for hand-made bracelets, clothes, glass figures, etc.
  • CosmoCaixa Museum – an interactive science museum, very impressive both for kids and adults. There is Planetarium in it, but have in mind that you have to book it upfront if you want to visit it. What impressed me the most was the rainforest where it “rains” every couple of minutes and there are birds and animals living there in their natuaral habitat. (TIP) It’s convenient to reach the place using the Touristic Bus.
  • Plaza España and National Art Museum of Catalunya – a beautiful area that must be seen. This is where the Start/Final of the Marathon in Barcelona is located. Nearby you can enjoy the music and light show of the Magic Fontain.

    Plaza España

    Plaza España


  • Don’t miss a walk around the beach
  • Late evening walk and dinner around Barrio Gothico
  • Check Rambla – the main street of Barcelona with many artists performing all day and night

Stay tuned to learn for the food and wine in Barcelona.

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