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Collecting pencils – a great way to bring memories back home

How do you bring memories back home from the places you visit? Mine was always buying fridge magnets or asking friends to get me one from th [...]

Pizza, Wine and Coffee in Rome

The usual touristic information about Rome can be always found in Google. Here are some tips from real travelers like us. Sightseeing For sh [...]

Food, Wine and Shopping in Barcelona

When it comes to food Barcelona is one of the best places to enjoy the Mediterranean kitchen and try the Spanish specialties. A typical Span [...]

Barcelona – the City of Colors

Yes, you’ll see many colors in Barcelona. Fire dancers and late night violinists will surprise you at the corners of Barrio Gothico du [...]

The NYC Marathon

Being a part of the NYC marathon as a marathoner or a supporter is one of the things that everyone visiting NY in the autumn should do. It i [...]

The Streets of New York

Walking on the streets is what we like to do everywhere we go, not only in New York. It’s the best way to get a sense of the place and [...]

New York – Sightseeing & Coffee

We took the marathon number so it was time to think about the sightseeing part of our trip. We stumbled upon the (TIP) New York City Pas [...]

New York After Sandy

The first time we visited New York was a year ago at the end of 2012. We were excited since Val was IN for the ING New York City Marathon. B [...]
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